Melanin Girls Hustle Club: Bodied by Rayne “The Mad Scientist”

Meet Goddess Raegan, a melanin woman business owner who specializes in all natural products for the face and body! Read more to get inspired on your journey of self love, entreprenuership, and more behind building her brand!

Hey Queen, tell us about yourself, who you are, and where you are from?



“My name is Raegan. I am originally from Germany, but grew up in North Carolina. I am a country girl at heart. I have to be somewhere where there is more grass than there is concrete.

 I met my husband after high school in Colorado and we have been married for almost 5 years. I have twin boys, a three yr old little boy and we're expecting a beautiful baby boy this summer.”


Tell us about your brand and why you started?

 “Growing my brand was a process of learning and growth. I first got into skin care because my twins have a skin condition called eczema and products prescribed by their doctor weren’t working. I have always had a passion for gardening and creating home made products for friends and family, but I wanted to create something that worked for their skin. Through much trial, error, and testing I created my whipped body butter. I wanted to fill the void of products that actually work for melanin people that exists in so many stores and retailers. I had the desire to not only provide products, but educate those around me about skin care, self care, and mental health. No matter how old we get we are still learning and growing. We are constantly working to break stigma and stipulations. I wanted to show people that you don’t have to douse your body in chemicals to be beautiful. That is Bodied By Rayne.”


How do you stay motivated as a brand owner?

 “I don’t have a choice, but to be motivated with my strong support system. My husband is very encouraging and my twin boys are my biggest cheerleaders. My boys tell EVERYONE about my products and services. They are always pushing me for every opportunity and make sure that I keep in mind to make things family friendly. My mother always asks “What did you accomplish today? Do you need some books?” My husband is very caring and will take the kids to the park just to give me some time to myself. I also get motivation from all the women that reach out to me to tell me they love my brand and express gratitude that they can actually pronounce the ingredients that I use in my products.”


Were their any hurdles you faced in beginning your brand?

 “My biggest my hurdle has honestly been getting black women to trust in your brand. I get women who are hesitant to try new skin care products, but use a Korean skincare product line and can’t pronounce the name of any of the ingredients. Getting women to believe in what your product stands for can be tough initially. Being in business with black women, catering to them is sometimes like trying to tear the band aid off a 3 year old. But, we need the love for one another. I can’t give up on another Queen. If you give me a chance to help you, I can help you.”


What is your favorite part in the process of what you do? What feels most rewarding?

 “It’s a tie between the “ahaa” moment when I can get a recipe just right and the feedback from my customers. That “Oh, yes this really works. Thank you!” moment I get from customers makes everything worthwhile. Most recipes take 3-6 weeks just for the written portion. Then, the next 6 months are dedicated to testing the products. When the recipe is finally right, and everything is as it should be it feels so rewarding. “



Does age or timelines matter in following your dreams? Do you believe ageism is a thing?

 “Ageism is a thing that needs to fall off the planet. It doesn’t matter how old you are in this lifetime. I tell my children all the time “If there is anything that you want, you have to meditate and pray on it. You can do it.” As long as you’re doing it with passion and joy: Do it. If you are only doing it for the money, stop and continue meditating and praying on it. You have to do things from a place of passion. “


Everything happens for a reason. What can you say looking back on your journey was intentional about it happening as it did? How did that make space influence and help you to grow?

“In the beginning, I wasn’t working with an intention of what I wanted my products to be. It took a lot of meditation and I had to really make a decision for myself and my brand. When rebranding, I was sparked by my son to ask myself what the why behind my products were. It was brought to light when my son asked if I could make something for just for him. I said “what do you mean just for you? I always do.” He replied, “No, something just for me.” Then, it clicked that I make things just for little black boys and girls. I realized that my passion and gift was making products that worked and benefited melanin skin. I began working on skincare and other products that are made for melanin people.”

What would you say to encourage women who feel as if they are too old, have to many responsibilities, or are “too” focused on their families to follow their dreams?

“At the end of the day, if you feel you are too old, that’s what your body and mind will feel. What you feed into your conscious is what you will be. You have to feed yourself nutritious thoughts. People who want to feel healthy feed themselves nutritious foods, right? You have to feed yourself nutritious thoughts and practice things that feed your total mind and body. What you want will come to fruition. It doesn’t matter what you have going on or how old you are. There will be a struggle through everything but once you get to the other side your creator will make sure that you are taken care of because you were not put here without a purpose. “


How do you practice self care and giving love to yourself while being a mother, wife, and business owner?

“Indulging in my own skincare products is self care for me. I meditate twice a day. I make time to ground myself in nature walking barefoot and I absolutely love walking around outside at night under the moon. I am a book worm to the core and love reading. I will put on headphones, play some binary beats, and dive into a book. I am a spiritual person and I make sure that I am aligned with the energies that I want. I write in my journal and use the energies of crystals. It allows me to evaluate my mental health and make sure that everything is in order.”


What would be your best advice to some one who doesn’t feel they have found their purpose or feels lost?

 “If you are searching for your purpose or what you should do, first you need to find yourself. You have to understand who you are. In order to work in your purpose, you have to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. You have to decipher what you consider work and what you consider passion. Your passion aligns with your purpose. If you enjoy helping people, that is your purpose and you will find your work in that. Finding your love of self and understanding that the creators love for you will reveal your purpose is most important.”

 Have you ever encouraged some one to try something that was outside of their comfort zone?

  “When it comes to people who are against change or branching out in life in any matter, they have to understand and accept the fact that life IS change. Nothing is consistent in our lives, but the sun and moon coming up. But, even in that there is change. If you don’t embrace change you are going to make things harder than they ever have to be. Life is change. Embrace it. You can’t do the same things and expect different results.”

One thing you love about yourself?

“I love my brain. My ability and willingness not only to obtain knowledge, but my willingness to share it.”

One thing you are learning to love?

 “My hair! Having 4c hair and growing up during the heavy relaxer era, I am still learning to love it. I have yet to figure out how to manage it. I have cut my hair off a few times, but I have been natural for a long time. When I grow it back, I will be loving it and maintaining my hair in that manner. “


Hopefully you’re getting inspired on your journey!

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