If we want to create change

           There are a  multitude of world events  happening right now that we have been forced to take in and process during our day to day lives. James Baldwin said “To be  black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” Processing the most recent shooting death of unarmed 17 year old Antwon Rose in East Pittsburgh along with the images of immigrant children separated from their families at borders tears at your consciousness for many reasons.


            Searching and Forcibly removing people from their daily settings, separating families, and placing them in subpar conditions sounds a lot like tactics used during the enslavement of African Americans. It sounds a lot like the history of America's mistreatment and displacement of Native Americans. A very, very familiar sound of the Japanese Interment Camps of 1942. All different points in our countries history where new ways to commit the same injustices against minority groups of people occurred. 

             How is it that white mass murders are captured free but routine traffic stops can be deadly depending on your skin color. Police are still shooting unarmed African American children and adults in routine traffic stops. Why is it that an African American accused of a crime is routinely denied their right to due process within the court to prove their innocence by death. They are denied a justice system that punishes defendants impartial to skin color. Defendants can be police officers.  The charges brought to the officer who committed the crime is one step in the right direction towards conviction of those police officers who abuse their powers, but we also know that the justice system does not always prosecute police officers, and more specifically white males, to the fullest extent of the law. 

               Antwon Rose was only 17 years old and had the right to more life abundantly. He is not the only victim. We have seen this story many times. America has evolved from lynchings to live murders by police on camera, and the only constant is the lack of prosecution for those who commit the crime. Police interaction with African Americans is life or death just as simply as you decide cream or no cream in your morning coffee. 


               “Well what about black on black crime?” sounds a lot like “Well they shouldn’t be here illegally! Stealing all the jobs!”  In order for us to see change we must recognize the difficulties we ALL face being of melanin. Martin Luther King said “A threat to injustice anywhere, is a threat to injustice everywhere.” The median wage that black and brown people earn compared to White and Asian men is still not equal. The rates that black and brown people are incarcerated for non violent crimes compared to whites is still not equal. If we don’t come together on the issues that effect us all history will continue to repeat itself against us in new ways. Be angry at all injustice, not just because it affects you. Spread awareness, knowledge, and take action against all issues, not just ones that affect you.

               Most of the beautiful brown people in those cages haven't just hopped the border. They have been working contributing members in a society built on stolen lands and free labor anyway. Most of the beautiful black people that are shot dead by police had no weapon in their hands. They were some one's wife, husband, son, and loved one. Something has to be done to protect our future generations.