I Am Creating Life

Recently, I discovered a YouTube channel named TheLoveGal.com, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HIIfLB8hd4&t=113s), where a woman named Amber Ricquel helps others by demonstrating ways for you to manifest more from life. This was my first encounter with videos like this and I’ve found myself addicted! She talks about her personal experiences and then goes on to explain different ways to add more to your life. I learn so much just from watching one of her videos but I tend to avoid answering the questions that she may ask, i.e. “Are you doing what you need to do to receive what you’re asking for?” “Are you giving out positive energy to receive it?”, etc.


At first, I told myself that I wasn’t necessarily avoiding the questions, I was just putting them off until a later date, but then, the founder of MelaninGirlsClub Inc., sent out an email asking similar questions and that’s when I realized that I didn’t want to answer these questions because I was avoiding keeping it real with myself! When it comes to certain situations it’s hard to be honest with yourself, but it is necessary and good for the soul. Not only will you learn who you are more, but you will start to get out of bad habits that hold you back from your fullest potential. We all have dreams and goals that we strive to reach so when our founder hit us with questions like “Are you creating the life that you want to live? What are you going to do about it tomorrow?”, it instilled an obligation in me to automatically to better. It challenged me to figure out what is currently holding me back and what has held me back in the past and how I can manifest more for my future. Today, I challenge you to do the same! Watch videos to inspire you to answer questions that you don’t get asked daily! Read books that stimulate your mind! Talk to people who make you want to learn more about yourself by having meaningful conversations and get up and do everything you said you were going to do the night before! Become the you that you dream to be and then challenge the women/men in your circle to do the same, and watch the growth!


Melanin Girls Club x Amber Taylor