Melanin Girls Club

We are so powerful and strong in a multitude of ways. We’re rising in all fields and endeavors, making moves, becoming and proving that we, melinated women, are more than what society says we are. We are better than what the media portrays us as.

You must recognize a Queen in yourself, then demand that from others. You are not entitled to be who you were last year, a month ago, or even yesterday. Take some time to yourself to decide on all the things that you feel you need to become the best version of yourself, and be that. One day at a time. What we need is to have every melinated woman from every background view themselves as Strong, as Capable, as Worthy because we are. We share so many of the same expiriences and together we can journey through them all.

You know, when you elevate the women, you elevate the community. Join Melanin Girls Club as we work together on our journey practicing self love and enduring  in a society that doesn’t want us to love ourselves. Or each other. We’ll grow together, learning the sociopoliticultural aspects of our melanin.

So do it for the culture, join the club.