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Melanin Girls Club Inc. is a non profit organization that creates spaces for women of color to come together to heal, evolve, be empowered, and give back to communities across the world in authentic ways. Together, we celebrate the beauty in being a woman of the diaspora on the journey of evolving to our highest selves from within. Our events combine movement, meditation, music, empowerment, and holistic health for a total mind, body, and spirit experience. We are here to make self care accessible and inclusive for communities of color. Join the club and catch our next event in a city near you!

Watch our Shine feature to learn more about Melanin Girl’s Club from our Founder, Chare’A Smith!

Why Journey Together?

Melanin Girl’s Club is a global organization dedicated to lifting women to new heights through sisterhood, empowerment, philanthropy, and activism. We aspire to inspire women  with creative spaces, free thinking, and innovative ideas that change the world and ourselves. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Our tribe uses the collective work of melanin women from around the world to elevate and bring our mission to life. We honor and celebrate the beauty in being a woman of color. So, do it for the culture. Join the club!


Our Initiatives:

Diversifying Self- Care and Holistic Health

Providing access, functionality, and increasing awareness of holistic health in communities of color.

Real Sex Education and Physical Awareness

Creating solutions and awareness around pleasure, advocacy, stigma, shame, and healing around all things related to women and sex. Advocates for yoni health awareness and maternal wellness.


Providing creative solutions to problems concerning melanin people.

Cannabis Activism Women’s Rights, Social Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, Sexual Activism, Environmental Activism. The rights of All people.


Conscious giving and grassroots organizing to increase awareness and improve the lives of melanin people across the world.

Healing through the Arts

Combining Art, movement, music, and meditation in various forms to promote healing.