Thank you for visiting Melanin Girls Club! Melanin Girls Club brings women of melanin from all descents together in celebration of our different hues, colors, cultures, inner and outer beauty. We are all on our journey of loving ourselves and evolving to our highest version of self in so many different ways. That is why our Founder, Chare'A Smith created a platform to encourage that journey for all people and support one another along the way. Together we will break barriers that society places in front of us to prevent  us from fully loving who we are as we come through activism, culture, and love. We also host Self Love Evolution Events to promote this same awareness.

Why Journey?

  Self love is about actively finding and loving who you truly are within. It is about embracing the qualities that you love, and pouring extra Love on the qualities that you haven't learned to love yet. Finding yourself requires digging. It requires journeying. It is not always easy, peaceful or fast. Sometimes the evolution that is occurring in this stage of your life will take time. And tears. Maybe isolation.  Perhaps placing yourself in a position outside of your normal comfort zone. But their is beauty in the struggle of learning to love yourself.


Melanin Girls Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to lifting women to new heights through self-love, empowerment, and activism. We aspire to inspire women  with platforms for creative spaces, free thinking, and innovative ideas. This organization has aims of reaching many women around the globe to realize their worth and actively learn to love themselves in their own unique image while celebrating our melanin and raising money for causes in our community. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together. Melanin Girls club is here to bring awareness and celebrate the beauty in us all. So Do it for the culture, Join the club.